How to Talk to People About Things


This class has made it easier for me to successfully communicate with my bosses, colleagues and peers. I can already see improvement! - Joanna Flatt, Social Enterprise Strategist


One of the most enjoyable and useful courses I’ve taken. - Jay Mullin, Technical Project Manager, Bloom Centre for Sustainability


This course has totally changed my life. Every day, I find myself applying the concepts. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is likely to interact with another person at any point in their life. - Marsha Shandur, TV Music Supervisor


I feel that I'm operating on a new level. The world would be a better place if everyone in it had the good fortune of taking Misha's class. - Heather Watts


This is a fabulous course that made me aware of my communication/negotiation mistakes and why things have gone wrong in the past in my professional and personal life. Misha is a very intelligent and fun instructor. - Masha Cemma, PhD Candidate, Dept of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto


My entire way of thinking has shifted, and others in the outside world have started to become receptive [to me] in new ways. - Andrea Roberts, dance artist/writer/administrator


Misha Glouberman taught me things about communication and negotiation that I think will remain with me for the rest of my life. Studying with him was a fantastic opportunity. - Alison Rose, Documentary Filmmaker


Misha's engaging teaching style brought what I had assumed to be difficult subject matter to life—in a way that made it seem easy, interesting and even fun. - Muhanned Nuaimy-Barker, web manager, Doctors Without Borders


Misha Glouberman's negotiation class was invaluable not just for learning how to better negotiate and communicate with others in any kind of,  but also how to assert one's needs and desires in all aspects of daily life. - Jon Davies, Curator


Misha Glouberman's negotiation class was very helpful for me in learning how to approach a potential confrontation calmly, and to work towards an outcome that satisfies the interests of all parties, rather than pitting one party against another. - Lauren Bride


It was my favourite kind of class: it didn't just teach me things; it changed the way I think about them. - Duane Wall, software game designer and Vice President of Bitcasters, Inc.


I considered myself a fairly competent negotiator before I took this class, but the method he taught was so helpful in defining exactly what makes for a successful negotiation. Misha's an energetic teacher and his passion for the material is infectious! - Julia De Laurentiis Johnson, Communications Manager


I wish I could have taken this class with Misha 35 years ago! Learning and laughing, it's a great course. Just sign up, it will change your life for the better. - Marsha Stall, Communications Consultant