WAIT LIST for How to Talk to People about Things 

The next offering of the class is currently full. Occasionally, a spot in the class will become available (e.g. if someone cancels). If you like, you can be added to a wait list for any last-minute spots that open up. Here’s how that works:

There is a short questionnaire required of everyone who takes the class. You need to complete that questionnaire to be considered for the wait list.

If a spot opens up, a name will be chosen from the wait list. If you are contacted, you will have a short time (usually around 24 hours) to confirm that you are still able to attend the class, and to pay your registration fee ($1000+HST).

Spots can open up any time up until the starting day of the class.

Want to join the wait list? 

If you’d rather, you can also just join the email announcement list to be informed the next time the class is offered. This doesn't involve a survey.