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Facilitation and events
Collective Intelligence is my company that does events, facilitation, panels, and hosting for all sorts of projects, large and small. [contact] [article in One+]

The Chairs Are Where the People Go is my book with Sheila Heti, published by Faber and Faber in 2011, chosen by the New Yorker as one of the best books of that year. [reviews and press]

I am represented by the Lavin Agency, with whom I do keynotes about negotiation, communication, and other topics. [speaker's bio]

Negotiation/Communication Classes
How to Talk to People About Things is a class I teach about negotiation and communication skills in difficult situations. Read about it here.

The Trampoline Hall Lectures
Trampoline Hall [press] is a lecture series I host and run. It has run monthly for over ten years in Toronto where it has sold out every show, and has toured all around Canada and the US.

The Misha Glouberman School of Learning is where I teach classes in unuseful things, including the Terrible Noises for Beatiful People series [press].

Past Projects
Diplomatic Immunities was a project I worked on with Mammalian Diving Reflex.
Room 101 Games was a games night, now dormant.

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Here's my call for interest for an unconference about negotiation and related topics.