my book

The Chairs are Where the People Go is a book co-written with New York Times bestselling author Sheila Heti, who had the idea of writing a book of everything I know. The 72 chapters (which I dictated and she transcribed and edited) cover subjects such as neighbourhood activism, making conferences exhilarating, how to set up chairs for things, quitting smoking, and more. The New Yorker chose the book as one of their top nonfiction picks the year it came out. You can read about the book and see some excerpts on the book's website


“A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy...
The world is better for these
humane and hilarious essays.”
— The New Yorker
“[Chairs] has an intimacy, clear-headedness, and humor that our society needs right now. It should be required reading for Congress.”
— Los Angeles Review of Books
“Straddles the lines between advice column, self-help manual, motivational speech, urban study, political screed, philosophical treatise, and instruction guide to life.”
— The National Post