Misha Glouberman teaches communication skills, runs meetings and conferences for organizations, hosts live events, and speaks at conferences.

He has taught his course How to Talk to People About Things to hundreds of people and dozens of organizations, imparting memorable and effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

He is a faculty director at the Ivey Academy, the executive education program at the Ivey Business School.

He is the author, with Sheila Heti, of the book The Chairs Are Where the People Go, which the New Yorker named as one of its top nonfiction books of 2011 and described as "a triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy." In it, Misha relays everything he knows about communication, conferences, relationships, making friends, monogamy, playing charades and more.

His approach to conference design draws on Open Space Technology and the UnConference methods, which are highly effective at getting people talking and sharing ideas in ways that are effective and meaningful.

As a keynote speaker, Misha is represented exclusively by The Lavin Agency. For booking information, please visit their Contact Page

Misha has taught classes in improvised music and theater, worked as a database designer, and has a degree in philosophy from Harvard.

His working style combines analytic rigour with a creative, people-centered approach. One+, the magazine of Meeting Professionals International, described his work as “humanizing relationships—one event at a time."

His interest in how people connect extends into his work as a performer and artist. Every month he hosts Trampoline Hall, a barroom lecture series that has been popular with the arts and literary set in Toronto and New York for well over a decade. His instructions on how to ask a good question at a public event were published in the New York Times Magazine. His Terrible Noises for Beautiful People is a playful series of participatory sound events for non-musicians. 

He lives in Toronto with his partner, the artist Margaux Williamson, and their son, Billy.